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papersafe mask

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Technical Information

The PaperSafe Product

This innovative mask was designed to support infection prevention through source control for patients who are at high risk for self-harm and/or harming others, and may also be at higher risk for contracting and spreading COVID-19 (and other infectious diseases) inside and outside of a hospital setting.


  1. Aligns with CDC recommendations for use of non-medical face masks among the general public and healthcare professionals: reduced risk of disease outbreaks among staff and patients

  2. 3-Ply Face Mask (66% non-woven/34% melt-blown): leak-proof non-woven outer layer, high density middle layer, breathable woven inner layer

  3. Ligature-free design: cardstock ear loops cannot be used for strangulation

  4. Self-harm risk mitigation: elimination of nose-clip reduces risk of cutting

  5. Adjustable arms for one-size-fits-most adults and adolescents: trim or bend ear loops behind the ear for personalized fit

  6. Focus on comfort: arm design minimizes pressure on ears; supports compliance and limits face-touching

  7. Designed for operational ease: safety features make additional tracking and patient supervision unnecessary

 Technical Data:

  • Material - 66% Non-Woven Fabric, 34% Meltblown PP

  • Construction - Leak-proof non-woven outer layer, high density middle layer, breathable woven inner layer

  • Packaging - 50 masks per pack, 1,000 masks per box

  • Size - One size (Universal)

Special pricing available for larger orders


Pricing dependent on order quantity

Individuals in the following categories that can benefit from using the PaperSafe™ mask include:

  • High risk of suicide

  • Risk behaviors of harming others

  • Risk behaviors of self-harm

  • Psychotic, impulsive and unpredictable behavior

  • At high risk of severe disease due to medical comorbidities

  • Risk-taking behavior

  • Poor self-care

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