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About Us

Happy and Harmless Global

Meet Kallie, Karena, and Kathy, co-founders and managing partners for Happy & Harmless Global, LLC. 

When COVID-19 broke out, we knew masking was the key to limiting spread...and we were faced with the decision of how to safely mask patients in our hospital. The safety risks associated with a traditional facemask were clear: a patient can kill themselves in less than 5 minutes with the ear loops or cut themselves or others with the metal nose clip.


We were left with the impossible choice of handing our patients a means to self-harm or not masking, and therefore not protecting against the spread of COVID-19. The 3 of us began meeting every evening after work to find a solution. Through many iterations and pivots, we developed the PaperSafe mask to eliminate the risk of using the mask as a weapon, cup the face snugly to mitigate spread, and fit comfortably throughout the day. 


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