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Happy & Harmless Global

Your mask solution that not only protects against virus transmission, but also helps keep patients safe from harm to self and others.
What is the Problem? 
Standard masks force healthcare providers to choose between infection prevention and risk reduction for patients who are likely to self-harm. 
The Solution:
PaperSafe Mask
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Features Highlights
Aligns with CDC Recommendations
3-Ply Face Mask 
Ligature-free Design
Self-harm Risk Mitigation
Adjustable Ear Loops
Comfort Focused Design for Compliance 
Designed for Operational Ease
This innovative mask is designed to support infection prevention through source control for patients who are at high risk for self-harm and/or harming others, and may also be at higher risk for contracting and spreading COVID-19 (and other infectious diseases) inside and outside of a hospital setting.
PaperSafe Mask
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the founders
media coverage on the Risks

Inside the Terrifying World of Psychiatric Emergency Rooms

Inpatient psychiatric units are often unique because many typical items are banned to keep patients in crisis safe. Things like shoelaces or shaving razors may come to mind, but in Allen’s psych safe unit, prohibited items include soap dispensers. Allen said they have bottles of baby shampoo in the bathroom and newly added hand sanitizer at the nurse’s station. Hospitals are trying to follow the CDC’s guidance to maximize resources. But it’s not enough.

After Four Deaths, Patients At D.C.'s Public Psychiatric Hospital Say They Aren't Being Protected From Coronavirus | WAMU

“it is impossible to maintain a six feet distance from others, nor have they been provided masks or other protective equipment.”

We Can’t Forget About Psychiatric Hospitals During the COVID-19 Outbreak

“Also, no one wore masks — in fact, they took the mask I was wearing upon entry and put it into storage until I checked out, apparently because it had strings, which are prohibited in a psych ward,” Romain adds.

As COVID-19 cases rise at a state psychiatric hospital, a federal judge mulls releasing patients - Los Angeles Times

Patton State Psychiatric Hospital in San Bernardino County has...471 patients testing positive for the virus...Eleven patients are currently hospitalized with the virus and 14 others have died.

In August, a legal aid group, Disability Rights California, filed a lawsuit on behalf of Patton patients...In an interview after the hearing, [Senior Assistant Atty. Gen. Lisa Tillman] recounted patients’ descriptions of cramped sleeping quarters, overcrowded bathrooms and poorly ventilated, shared eating areas.

Infections among the more than 2,300 people who work at Patton have surpassed 500, the lawsuit claims. Forty-three patients have been moved from Patton to an emergency facility the state opened in Norwalk, according to court records.

State argues mentally ill patients must stay put at Patton state hospital despite COVID outbreak

“Every day that these patients remain in congregate settings at Patton, without adequate social distancing … puts them at enormous risk of contracting COVID-19, with severe and potentially fatal consequences.”


"It is my absolute pleasure to recommend the “paper safe mask” as well as the Happy and Harmless Global organization. I know creators of this product both professionally and personally and find each of them to be honest, dependable and incredibly hard working.  They are passionate about creating safe therapeutic treatment options for individuals suffering from mental illness and brain diseases.  The paper safe masking products are an innovative, imaginative and frankly ingenious solution to a challenging safety concern for psychiatric inpatient and residential environments.  These masks significantly reduce the ligature risks and suicide possibilities while maintaining effective disease prevention.  These masks would be ideal for any hospital, treatment facility or correctional location.  It is exciting to witness the evolution of this product and I am thrilled to see it develop into a usable life saving solution for so many consumers.  I am encouraged to see the future products this team will create to enhance treatment outcomes within the industry" says one hospital executive.

“I liked using the mask and asked for an extra one” one patient said after wearing the PaperSafe mask.

8/10 patients report good or very good comfort


“This mask was easy for staff to manage and the patients loved it!” Kathy Richmond, Clinical Resource Nurse, supporting 7 long-term care facilities

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"It was such a delight to work with the team at Happy and Harmless. Not only are these women innovative, but they also live their mission of enhancing communities with such integrity and authenticity. Having such open communication with the Happy and Harmless team made partnering with them easy and mutually beneficial!"

                                                                - Payton McGriff, Founder, S H E

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